Zoning Board of Appeals

The Board has 7 members with staggered 5-year terms.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is required by Illinois State Statute. The Board acts on requests for zoning changes and appeals on zoning matters. Their decisions are recommendations to the City Council, which upholds or denies the Boards recommendations.

The Board meets, as needed, at City Hall, 210 W. Railroad Street, Illinois.

E-mail: zoningboard@earlvilleil.org


Board Members

Name                                         Phone Number                          Term Expires

Bob Atherton                                815-246-7035                             7/23/2025

Sandra Kozlowski                        815-481-3656                             7/23/2025

Roger Keller                                 815-246-4463                             7/23/2024

Patrick Sweeney                          815-343-4837                             7/23/2024

Dawn Osborne                             815-354-7059                             7/23/2028

Mary Bender                                815-246-9676                             7/23/2027

Bruce Bauer, Chairman               815-246-4192                             7/23/2026