Elected Official Email address list

We ask for your cooperation. Please restrict your use of the City of Earlville email accounts to non-solicitation and government related business.


Mayor                        Mark Actis                           mayor@earlvilleil.org

City Clerk                  Jane M. Bauer                     cityclerk@earlvilleil.org

Treasurer                  Bruce A. Bauer                    treasurer@earlvilleil.org

Alderman Ward 1      Michael Goodbred              alderman1-1@earlvilleil.org

Alderman Ward 1      April Law                             alderman1-2@earlvilleil.org

Alderman Ward 2      Robin Austin                       alderman2-1@earlvilleil.org

Alderman Ward 2      Steven J. Osborne             alderman2-2@earlvilleil.org

Alderman Ward 3      Walter Cwikla                     alderman3-1@earlvilleil.org 

Alderman Ward 3      John Boltz                          alderman3-2@earlvilleil.org


Please use the following address when forwarding mail to the above stated recipients:

     City Official's name, title

     City of Earlville

     PO Box 98

     Earlville, IL 60518