Vehicle Licensing

Vehicle Licensing Fee Schedule

Cars, Trucks, motorhomes, golf carts/UTV's                 $20.00          Annual, renewal in October

Trucks (over 16,000 lbs.) & semi tractors                    $40.00          Annual, renewal in October

Senior Citizens                                                          $10.00          Annual, renewal in October

Business/Vehicle Dealers      $20.00 per vehicle but no more than $120.00    Annual, renewal in October

Replacement Sticker                                                  $ 5.00 

Requirement. Any person, firm or corporation, residing within the city or whose principal place of business is within the city, or having a motor vehicle registered by the state to an address within the city, shall license such vehicle with the city. 

     1) The term "motor vehicle" as used in this chapter, shall be construed to include cars, trucks and motor homes. It also includes motorized golf carts and utility task vehicles that meet the requirements for vehicle licensing in Chapter 40, Article VIII of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Earlville. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to apply to or affect bicycles, tricycles or such other vehicles as are propelled by human power exclusively or operated on rails or motorized wheelchairs, motorcycles, or motorbikes.


      1)  Governmental entities shall be exempt from the provisions of this article.

Fees imposed; payment before November 1.

      1)  The annual fee to be paid for vehicle licenses shall be as provided on the city fee schedule.

      2)  Business or vehicle dealers that have their principal business location within the city shall be required to pay $20.00 per plate but no more than $120.00, regardless of the number of vehicles owned or operated. This does not include a business/dealer vehicle that is also used for personal use. Business/vehicle dealers with more than six vehicles requiring stickers will have a certification of registration posted at their main office in lieu of actual stickers applied to vehicles.

     3)  Owner 65 years or older. Upon proof that the owner/owners of the vehicle is/are age 65 years or older, the fee for licensing the vehicle shall be one-half the fee listed in the city fee schedule.

Payment after November 1.

     1)  If the fee is not paid by November 1 of each year, the late charge for the vehicle license will be double the original fee.

     2)  If the fee is not paid by December 1, the person will be subject to penalties for violation of this chapter as well as the late charge for the vehicle license

New residents. new residents of the city shall be given a 30-eay grace period in which to purchase a city sticker without incurring a late fee. 

Refund not given. No refunds of fees paid shall be given as a result of a person or business moving out of the city or as a result of the person or business disposing of the vehicle before year's end. 

License applications. Every owner of a motor vehicle for which a city vehicle license is required shall file an application for a vehicle sticker with the city clerk's office, upon a form provided, and provide a copy of the vehicle's current registration from the Illinois Secretary of State's office.

Vehicle stickers.

Issuance upon payment of fee. Upon payment of the appropriate fee as provided on the city fee schedule, the city shall issue, or cause to be issued, a vehicle sticker authorizing the use of the motor vehicle in question within the city until the expiration of the sticker. The sticker shall be numbered serially and shall bear the number and the year for which the sticker is issued. The expiration date shall be shown on the vehicle sticker. 

Attach to vehicle. Each vehicle sticker shall be attached to the vehicle for which it is issued on the lower left quadrant, driver's side of the front windshield, so as to be readily readable at all times. 

Time of payment; license year.

Annual payment. The license fee herein required shall be paid annually, before November 1, and the sticker displayed no later than November 1. 

Acquisition of vehicle. The owner or operator of any motor vehicle acquired after October 1, shall pay the license fee and display the sticker for the motor vehicle within 30 days of acquisition of the vehicle. 

Half year rates. One-half year rates on all vehicle licenses shall apply to those owners who purchased or registered vehicles on or after May 1. The license fee to be paid for a period of six months or less to the city will be one-half the fee listed in the city fee schedule. 

Transfer/replacement of stickers.

Vehicle owners.

     1)  A vehicle sticker acquired by an owner may be transferred from a vehicle no longer owned or operated and housed within the city, or which vehicle is disposed of or transferred out of the city, to another vehicle acquired by the owner. 

     2)  Stickers are not transferable from one owner to another.

     3)  There shall be no charge for a transfer.

     4)  There will be a $5.00 charge for a replacement sticker.

Dealer's license. The vehicle sticker issued to dealers of motor vehicles held for sale or used only for demonstration may be transferred to any vehicle so held or used by the dealer. 

Disposition of fee revenues. The revenues derived from the payment of license fees shall be used for the purpose of improving, paving, repairing or maintaining the streets and other public roadways within the city.

Penalties. Any person violating the provisions of this chapter shall be first given a written warning. The person shall have ten days to correct the violation. For each subsequent violation, a violator shall be liable to the city to pay a fine in the amount of $60.00 for the first violation and $100.00 for any subsequent violations. Notice of the fine shall be given by delivery of a notice of municipal fine to the violator.