The Earlville City Council selected  Dynegy Energy Services, LLC, as the new supplier for contract term February 2022 - February 2025, to supply electricity to Earlville residents and small businesses at a rate of $.06504 per kilowatt hour, beginning with the next eligible meter read date that takes place after the opt-out period and this rate will continue through the bill you receive in February 2025.

The municipal aggregation program is possible only because the voters approved the measure in the November 2012 referendum.


Current residents and small businesses that are participating in the program will be automatically included in the electric aggregation program and will receive the benefit of the reduced rate, if they did not opt-out and were not participating in another approved program.

If you have already signed up for reduced electric prices with another electric supplier you may participate in Earlville's program. You will need to consult the contract with your electric supplier to determine if you can switch to Earlville's program and what fees and penalties may be charged to you to do so.

For residents and small businesses that have moved to Earlville or changed location within Earlville since February, 2019; to take advantage of Earlville's program please do the following:

  • Call Dynegy Energy Services, LLC at 1-844-351-7691
  • Have your account number, address, and phone number readily available
  • Ask to be enrolled in Earlville, IL Municipal Aggregation Program.


Dynegy will not contact you by telephone, door-to-door solicitation or mail asking you to sign up for the Earlville program after the initial opt-out notice and enrollment letters.  If you are contacted by telephone, door-to-door solicitation or through the mail by an electric supplier they are not the selected supplier for the Earlville program.

No solicitor should be coming door-to-door soliciting you to purchase electricity through any other electric supply program unless they have a solicitors permit.  Please ask to see their permit if you are contacted.  If they do not have a permit please call the police non-emergency (815-538-4200) number and report the solicitation.