Building Department

The City of Earlville Building Department is responsible for the code enforcement on all new construction.

The Permit Process
Once your drawing(s), specifications, and permit application have been reviewed and approved, you will be issued a building permit. The review process can take some time, so submit your application and plans as soon as possible before you plan to begin work. The City of Earlville shall review all plans within fifteen (15) days of receipt. Once you receive the permit, you may begin construction of a building project in accordance with the plans that you submitted.

The best way to find out if you need a permit is to call the City of Earlville Building Inspector at 815-498-3221.  Discuss your plans with the Building Inspector before you begin your construction, to determine whether you need a permit.

Below are the steps for obtaining a permit and having the project approved by the City of Earlville.

Fill out the application. All building permit applications must be signed by and submitted by the property owner.
You may download a copy of the application for a building permit, at the link below, or pick one up at City Hall located at 210 W. Railroad Street, Earlville, IL. Fill out the entire application and provide as much information as possible about the work being done. For most projects, you should also submit detailed plans for the work to be done. If you have questions about the application, you may contact the Building Inspector at 815-498-3221.  For some projects, you may need to contact your public utilities.

Application and plans are reviewed:
Please turn in your completed application for a building permit, with the $25.00 application fee, to City Hall, 210 W. Railroad Street, PO Box 98, Earlville, IL 60518. It will be forwarded to the Building Inspector. Once your application and detailed plans are submitted, the Building Inspector will review your application and plans.  If the application or plans are incomplete, you will be notified by the Building Inspector and informed on what is still needed. Once the complete application and plans are submitted, the City will review the plans and approve them if they meet code requirements. If your plans meet these requirements, a permit will be issued.  If not, the building official may suggest solutions to help correct the problem.

Obtain permit:
Once your plans and application have been approved, the Building Inspector will issue a permit. There are fees associated with permits to cover the cost of the review and inspection process. City Hall will contact you to let you know your permit is ready to be picked up and what the fee is.

After you receive a permit, you must post it in a visible place at the job site at all times.

Inspections are done:
Once work has begun, the Building Inspector will inspect the work to ensure that it is being performed in accordance with the plans submitted and with applicable codes.  The Building Inspector will inform you of how many inspections are required for your project. Contractors may schedule inspections by calling the Building Inspector. 

Construction is approved and certificate of occupancy is issued:
The Building Inspector will provide a certificate of occupancy or other certificate when construction is complete and code compliance is determined.  The certificate verifies that your project has been completed to code and to the City of Earlville’s satisfaction.

 Below are the currently adopted codes:

  • ICC International Building Code, 2015 Edition, exclusive of appendices
  • ICC International Fire Code, 2015 Edition 
  • ICC International Mechanical Code, 2015 Edition
  • ICC International Fuel Gas Code, 2015 Edition
  • ICC International Residential Code, 2015 Edition
  • ICC International Existing Building Code, 2015 Edition
  • ICC International Energy Conservation Code, 2015 Edition
  • ICC International Property Maintenance Code, 2015 Edition
  • NFPA National Electric Code, 2014 Edition
  • NFPA Life Safety Code, 2014 Edition