Raffles / Poker Runs License

Please read the ordinance covering Raffles/Poker Runs Licenses and the Instruction Sheet by clicking the links below.
 **Fill out the application form entirely (see link below). Neatness counts. If we have difficulty reading the information provided that will slow down the processing of your application.
**To waive the requirement for a fidelity bond:
At a meeting of your organization, there must be a unanimous vote to waive said bond.
**If your organization has sub-groups (ie: booster club, PTA, groups for a certain project, etc.) there will have to be a raffle/poker run manager for each sub-group. On a separate sheet, provide a list of each sub-group with the raffle/poker run manager’s required information.
 --Each raffle/poker run manager will have to provide:
1. Their name, address, phone number, date of birth and email address.
2. A signed background check waiver form (make copies of this form, which is the last page of the application packet, as needed)
**At the conclusion of each raffle/poker run, promptly fill out the “Raffles/Poker Runs Report” (see link below, make additional copies as necessary) and turn it in to the City of Earlville. You can drop the report off at City Hall, place it in one of the drop boxes at City Hall,  mail to: City of Earlville, PO Box 98, Earlville, IL 60518 or email to: deputyclerk@earlvilleil.org